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Are you isolated or connected?

Swadhisthana – the blissful belly. Dropping our energy down to this space is where we connect with all that is, that was, and that which will be. Taoism calls it the infinite. It is a space of pure potential, deep feminine nourishment and wisdom. Associated with the color, orange, the sacral energy center’s association with the endocrine system is through the reproductive organs. It is no coincidence that the ovaries are often considered to be connected to our creativity. Why don’t you take the time to tune into your own, and find out what it represents to you?
During times I spent meditating in the blissful belly, qualities that have surfaced was that of an aloneness, yet the feeling is not of isolation, but rather of connectedness. The aloneness is not that of vulnerability, but rather that of richness, fullness, a filling of space, and therefor comfortably fulfilled. It is like traveling by yourself. You are on a venture, and all around you is so much to learn explore, and meet.You feel so empowered. The connection is to the wisdom of a Grandmother with wisdom of many, many generations, maybe even from the beginning of time. There is no time, and the space is without boundary. There is no right or wrong, and everything is not only allowed, but encouraged – an invitation to life. This is the true practice of tantra. Allow yourself a visit to this place from time to time. Embrace your moon cycle, this is an opportune time to connect with the fullness, that is already manifested physically, and enjoy this inner journey of which you are the center. ~ Blessings