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Be part of the experiment that is you!

Have you ever wondered why you behave in fear-based ways, even knowing that it will bring only more fear and disaster. For example: Your boyfriend goes on a trip, a certain female individual who you’d rather not have in the picture, miraculously is in the same city. These are facts, yet based on the facts you have mental pictures of events in the past, and possible events in the future. Based on these mental pictures, your heart starts racing, you become anxious, you develop a knot in the stomach, and the only good that comes out of it is that you lost a few pounds of weight, being too worried to eat.
You have been asking for this time alone for so long, and now that you finally have it, it all goes into feeling horrible over a potential future event, or hurts of the past.
You have learnt that you should not react to negative stimuli, you have tried to train yourself to be complete in yourself- no matter what, you have read books, meditated; and you understand the concept that no-one can hurt you, you are your own master.
Yet, your stomach is still tied in a knot. After all this work you have done on yourself, you had hoped to attract better circumstances for yourself.
Here is the thing. We don’t choose our experiences. We don’t even choose how we react to our experiences. It is automatic. We have been programmed, conditioned since birth, and even before birth, to behave in certain ways upon certain stimuli. In that sense we are all experiments and in this present moment, you have the opportunity to witness yourself as an experiment.
Therefor, based on the example above, can I choose to not feel my stomach tightening in a knot? Can I choose to not have my heart race uncontrollably? WellI can try, but ordinary human beings’ autonomic response do not respond to anything else but the direct signals it receives from the brain.
Therefor no, you cannot change your physical reaction, however you can create different brain stimuli which will result in more agreeable physical sensations. This is the opportunity you have to get really intimate with yourself. This is where you have the opportunity to realize how negative fearful thoughts are hurting, and this is where you have opportunity to share the experiment of life with yourself.
So, choose your thoughts to serve yourself. Choose your thoughts in moments of fear-based reaction, to acknowledge the positive. You are not your thoughts. You are not your thoughts. I repeat, you are not your thoughts, therefor, you can choose our thoughts any moment, so why not experiment with thoughts that put your bodily sensations into an agreeable place?
Be part of your own experiment. Yes it takes a little courage. Yes it takes a little playfulness. Yes, it takes a little self-righteousness. As long as your experiment includes thoughts that is not harmful to yourself or others, do it!