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Coming into your power personal power.

Coming into your power personal power:
How many of you can say that you are in your personal power, that you have fully embraced your full potential, and are living the life you are meant to live? This has been the selling point of just about every self help seminar, and wealth creation advertisement I have seen in recent years. The mere fact that this selling point is so big, is the clear indication that very few of us believe for ourselves to be in our personal power.
I’d like to open this question up a little further, How many of you believe yourselves to be in your spiritual power? “What’s that?” a few of you may think. While a lot of us may not believe we are in our personal power, at least having some kind of understanding of how it may look or feel like exists, while the understanding of what is is like to be in our spiritual power may be more elusive, abstract, and maybe even less important.
What does coming into your personal mean to you? How do you envision it being reflected in your life. Could it mean that your romantic partner finally sees you, admires you and start following your advice? Or maybe that your children finally turn around and see what a great mother you have been all these years, all these years you have secretly been doubting what you were doing and have never stopped waiting for that validating response. Could it mean that finally by the magical power of the universe, you have turned that hobby of yours into a career? Could it mean that you finally have over two thousand Facebook friends, and a few hundred followers, and feel accomplished by knowing that the social world, or the Facebook world at least, sees who you are? Could it mean that you have the audience you have hoped for after perfecting your craft and now that you have perfected your cart you have the confidence to show it off. That does feel like personal power, doesn’t it? Or maybe after years of being the perfect employee, finally your boss takes notice of you. If we just hope enough, dream enough, work enough, be patient enough, personal power is sure to be ours. It is there, just around the corner.
Let’s do a little exercise. Think about someone you admire, someone you may even be a little jealous of, someone who has accomplish something you would like to accomplish to bring you closer to your personal power. Now see yourself as that person. How does it feel? What is the sensation in your heart? What is the sensation in your belly?
Personlly when I do this exercise I get a slight bit of anxiety. Envisioning myself in the position of someone who has achieved what I feel associated with my personal power gives me anxiety, and if that is how personal power feels, I am not sure that I want to sign up.
Coming from South Africa, a country where oppression of the people, that is oppression of the personal power of the people has been happening on a large scale, it is easy for me to see the wound. However vibrant the people, making oneself sound accomplished and proud does not come naturally to most people. All eyes are on the USA, where people are being taught from a young age to confidently and naturally advocate for themselves. Then again,if taught from a young age, why is coming into your power such a lucrative self-help topic, especially in the Sates?
What really is this kind of confidence that we associate with personal power?
What is the foundation of it, and how do we cultivate it?
For a long time I was confused about what personal power means, and how it’s related to spiritual power. I have been born with a keen interest in mysticism, but with the popularity of spirituality, self help, wellness and wealth creation as industry, it seems that being a mystic means that you have magical spiritual powers to manifest the life you want: You drive your dream car, have your best selling book, you have made it big, and you have material wealth as proof, therefor you have credibility to teach others. I started thinking I had to behave a certain way, in order to gain my personal power… as taught by “those who have made it.” I started believing that I will never have the confidence to “make it.” I will always just be average, normal, one of the many unenlightened, striving towards something which is not.
I was so fortunate to be sitting with a wise, compassionate person one day, who guided me to that limitless place within. I was surprised at how confident, wise, and deeply in tact I feel in this space of nothingness. It is where I realized that even with a bruised personality, a less than confident ego, my spiritual self is not the same as my ego self.
This spiritual self, which actually has little to do with me, is where I, my ego self feels safe and gain confidence from. This spiritual self, this place of vastness, of nothingness free from emotion, free from drive and full of awareness and interest, is the foundation of my personal power. For about a week I drifted in this blissful space, feeling too good to really desire engaging with the world outside. Living from this place where everything is ok, even perfect, exactly as it is. Slowly my perception started to change. I started having courage to present myself professionally in a whole different and assertive, yet non-intruive way. I started having men show interest in me and I had the confidence and clarity to get the type of mentoring I needed for different areas of my life.
Trying to come into our personal power from a place of our personal ego just does not work.
There is always going to be someone better than you, some accomplishment to achieve, some next project to complete before the ego will feel satisfied. Using the vast, and undefined space of spirituality as foundation is the only real way the personality, the ego, can find solace and pride in it’s uniqueness, it’s brilliance and role in human society. Stepping into your spiritual power by accessing the limitless space within and feeling comfortable with it, this is the way to turn anxiety into rapture, to turn jealousy into inspiration, and to turn procrastination into active preparation.