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Courage is a path of self-love. Self-love is a term, less easily understood.
Understanding love itself can be abstract, as it exists within, without, and all around us, independently. Love is. Love can be felt, directed, and shared.
The way to experience love is to relax into it. Relaxing into love may be initiated through another who fell into this place through one way or another. Relaxing into love may be inspired through seeing beauty, or simply by closing one’s eyes in receptivity of it. There is no judgement in love, love is unconditional, and without boundary.
The link between love and self love is courage. The self identifies with that which divides, compares and distinguishes. The self uses judgement to achieve discernment, assisting in a process of growth.
It takes courage to see one’s mistakes and apply love to it. It takes courage to perceive separation and bring love to it. It takes courage to feel rejection, and bring love to that feeling. Most often, once love is directed, those negative feelings disappear into a lovely sense of acceptance. Acceptance is a feeling so deep and wise, and truly fulfilling to a soul’s desire to grow.
Yet, often times, even most of the time, when unpleasant feelings such as rejection, doubt and fear surface, we subscribe to some doomsday fantasy, driven by a false belief that we are not good enough. We react by accepting unpleasant feelings as a conclusive judgement, and then punish ourselves by repetition: “Maybe he/she doesn’t love me anymore,” “Maybe this situation isn’t right anymore, have I wasted my time?,” “Maybe I’m not living my truth anymore,” “Maybe I was wrong all along…..”
What is eve worse is that our beautiful minds are highly suggestive, and does not consider “maybe” significant in a sentence. It simply accepts the statement it follows, as true. Can you see how this can turn into a problem? Can you see how self-doubt has potential to become self-abuse? Can you see how it is imperative to apply courage and make self-love a priority?
Allowing oneself to become aware of the love that permeates our cells at times like these takes courage, yet a single moment of such courage leads to the understanding of life itself. Understanding life as an ebb and flow of motion, change, and growth that exists independently of our awareness to it, is both humbling and freeing, and so empowering to now that we are part of this. May we all have courage, from moment to moment, and slip into love.