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Dealing with Anger

Haven’t just about all of us had the sensation of boiling inside with anger?
Some of us have learnt already that expressing it in that moment of extreme burning sensation brings no good – usually it makes things worse. Yet the feeling is there, so what to do? We’ve been warned again the dangers of this emotion, and especially the dangers of keeping it in.
Enlightenment as a goal, surely does not welcome this quality, and even just wanting to be a better person and having harmonious relationships have somewhat aversion to bringing the quality of anger to the table.
Suppressed anger is known to be a cause of depression. So, can’t let is spill out, can’t keep it in, then what to do?
What if we did not turn anger into this bad guy all the time. What if we accepted anger as perfectly appropriate messenger of information we need and want in order to get to know ourselves better. When we know ourselves better, it is easier to distinguish what we like and what we don’t. It is easier to make choices, it is easier to bring into manifestation our desires. So why not trust this messenger friend for a while and note every time you become angry about something. Write it down! This will help you blow off steam, as well as discover something about yourself – which always feels good. Wouldn’t you be pleased to pinpoint the things in your life which no-longer serve, with the empowerment that change in those areas may bring to your life?
Change is inevitable, you have no choice about that, but you have a choice in how you direct the change in your life. So, why not stop blaming the thing in your life which makes you angry. The anger is there already, the triggers are only messengers for you to get closer to yourself. Approach anger with curiosity and discover the person behind the emotion.