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Demystifying the Cosmic Experience

“Do you believe in star people,” she asked. “what is there to believe in? he replied. Oh don’t you have any imagination?” she sighed in disbelief. “The people that come from stars of course.” Again he asked: “So what is there to believe? Almost desperately she wants him to believe. “And what if I do,” he answers, “will that change anything in my human experience?” Yes, she says, well now that you believe, you know that there is somewhere out there we can channel information from and call home…… “Sure,” he replies, “Many of us come from stars, that is no mystery, but why would that acknowledgment change anything about my current life?”
The thing is, whether you believe in star people or not, why would it make any difference to your human experience. Indeed some of us may have been stars before we incarnated as human beings, like many of us have been stone, and animals. What is the structure of a star – a ball of fire, right? Why would the experience of being a star outweigh the experience of being human?
The experience of being a star is different from being human in the sense, that you no longer operate from an individual point of view. You belong to a whole family of constellation, all as one. You have no gravity to hold you onto earth, which means you can travel between dimensions.
As human beings we no longer remember this connection of oneness we had in the lifetime of being a star. We don’t remember this collective sense, rather our drive has created a very acute sense of individualism. We become lonely and isolated. Yet, we are born as human beings to fulfill a purpose.
The isolation of the human experience yearns for the experience we had as star, that of operating as a family – a constellation. If this is your yearning, identify the very core of your yearning, rather than over-identifying with your history as a star. Acknowledge the amazing gifts of being human, rather than indulging in reminiscence over previous lifetimes. People even base businesses and philosophies on the basis that once upon a time, in a previous incarnation, they were stars. Being on earth, being a human being is an honor and task. Taking responsibility for your human actions and reactions is your first priority.
Use your remembrance of the oneness to guide you in knowing we are all essentially one, yet, we have the honor and task to self-improve our human state. No denial in the name of being a star person will improve the resonant healing we are here to facilitate.
No so called “star person” can read you your fortune, or has special powers to apply to you. Accepting responsibility for your heritage as life in star form, brings with it the remembrance that we are one. With enough regression work, you may yourself have the experience of being back in star form, as I myself, and many, many others had. Start by taking steps to empower yourself, knowing that you are here, as human being. Your task is to raise vibration, not by the magical power of some star being, but by acknowledging your own human condition, and working through its challenges. The beauty is that every human challenge can be overcome with the help of your spirit, which is the same spirit of the oneness, you once experienced as a star.