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Do Healers Underestimate Your Intelligence?

Have you ever paid a lot of money to get a reading, healing or therapy session?
Afterwards you felt great for an hour or so, the interaction was quite pleasurable, yet you didn’t feel like you gained a whole lot. In fact you more got the sense that you were the one giving 1. your money, 2. your time, 3. your energetic support to fulfill their life dream; but what about yours?
Have you ever walked away from a reading, healing or therapy session and felt that you weren’t fully heard or listened to or understood?
Or, have you been in a session where you were told that all the answers were inside of you and you felt pressured to simply answer something to satisfy your service provider and get done with the session, regardless of how true or meaningful it was to you?
There is a perfectly good reason for all that. You are an infinitely unique and complex being. The answers you seek to your life questions are formed from your unique life experiences, your unique life understanding and your unique motivations in life. The only way another person can guide you through healing is if they have been through something similar enough to understand and then too with a similar mind as yours in order to really understand what you are going through. Your healer or therapist can only take you as far as he or she has been.
Does this make you feel even more isolated and alone? If so you are probably much further along your own path of understanding than you realize. Our journey of self-discovery doesn’t end, and there comes a time to surrender to the inner knowing, as uncertain as it may seem.
There comes a time when answers from the outside will simply no longer serve you, because you know yourself better than anyone. You know when self-inquiry in order to heal no longer serves you and when self-inquiry in order to serve is best suited. Let the dissatisfaction of finding the guidance you seek push you deeper into your spiritual practice and take the risk to live in the realm of personal power. There is a saying that a any fool can learn from a wise person, however only a very wise person can learn form a fool.
Where is your practice at?
If the wide spectrum of wisdom has been opened up for you and you and your learning is by choice, rather than necessity, let service be the motivator.
Sitting still following one’s own breath brings about that calmness of mind to stop thinking and start living – To stop having the same thoughts over and over again, and to start using new thoughts to move ourselves into motion. This is the power of change. This is the power of self-authority. This is called Self-Empowerment.