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Finding your style of meditation

Meditation can be divided into three categories. It is true that one cannot exist without the other, and that practicing one form of meditation results in the practice and benefit of the others too. However, to simplify the mystery of this vast practice, I’ve decided to differentiate between the three approaches and identify some of the individual practices that can be associated with each approach.
Stillness Meditation
Awareness Meditation
Creative Meditation
Stillness meditation usually refers to having one’s entire focus on a single object or point of focus, for the purpose of quieting one’s mind.
Focusing on a single object for a prolonged period of time, results in a meditative state. Scientists have most commonly named this meditative state as the Theta brainwave state and have found it very conducive to desirable outcomes in goal setting, intention setting and creative problem solving.
The following are single focus practices:
Chanting Mantras.
Gazing at the sun.
Gazing at a candle.
Focusing on the breath.
Pranayama – breathing exercises.
Nadayama – sound repetitions.
Awareness practices teach us about our relationship to the world around us, through the relationship with ourselves. By intimately knowing how we operate at an energetic level, we gain understanding about the law of attraction, cause and effect and the changing nature of all that is. Becoming mindfully aware of our thoughts and how our thoughts affect our lives, as well as the lives of others; we have opportunity to make wiser decisions and choose a life we desire.
Examining our true desires in such a way, usually reveals our deeper desires for peace, happiness and harmony. When making choices based on these values, we live according to values the whole of humanity share at it’s core. It becomes an attractive quality which radiates outwardly and thus improve relationships of all nature positively.
Examples of awareness practices are:
Body scanning.
Observing Thoughts/Emotions
Sensory awareness
Conceptual absorption
Present moment awareness
Creative practices are ways of focusing in on a specific issue, as revealed through awareness/mindfulness, with a specific outcome in mind. One may become mindfully aware of discord between yourself and another individual, and choose to visualize a happy relationship between you.
In Tibetan practices, a practitioner may focus on the image of a deity in order to invoke those specific qualities within oneself. In Christianity, one may verbally name all those you wish healing for in prayer. These are all examples of creative meditation. Although creative meditation can be effective by itself, it is recommended to practice stillness and awareness meditation beforehand, in order to create holistically sound intentions with an enhanced focus.
Examples of creative practices are:
Creative visualization
Forgiveness practice
Healing visualization
All of the best with your meditative practice!