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Passion and Purpose

What motives you? The quest to finding one’s passion and purpose in life has become such a popular topic, that many people find it a source of anxiety.
Showing your uniqueness has become a status symbol, this landmark, and thing one is supposed to have figured out. While it is really helpful to know your vocation in in life, what career you choose and what activity you spend most of your waking hours of, it is not to be confused with passion and purpose.
Passion and purpose are qualities, qualities that you feel within. Passion is having excitement, and interest, and purpose is to understand your motivation behind every little action. To cultivate these qualities may take a lifetime, and in a lifetime you may move through many vocational choices and career options. In a driven world, the sooner you work on a career the sooner you feel part of system, be it a superficial system. If it can be sold to you that your work is a supposed to be your passion and purpose, a lot of money is to be made.
In reality, passion and purpose are qualities you can start cultivating right now. You already have those qualities within. You have a whole lifetime to work on it, to play with it, and enjoy it! In the meanwhile, accept your way of income, and bring to it those qualities of passion and purpose. As you become more confident in being yourself, passion and purpose becomes more of who you are rather than what you do vocationally.
Sooner or later the changes you’d like to see manifest in your external environment will have no choice but to manifest. For now accept your real challenge, that of being human, that of bringing passion to your interactions and living on purpose.
Much love.