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How do I become more aware of my own chakras?

So I was asked what the best way is to open up to, and be more aware of one’s chakras – the seven major energy centers in our bodies.
There are a few techniques that I like, and all of them require you to get more in touch with your physical body. My favorite is through body movement – dancing. This starts off with some leg movement, perhaps alternating the legs while your attention is on the base chakra, located at the perineum. That may move into hips sways, torso twists, and extended arm torso twists. Soon your neck may be inspired to engage in some unwinding action, and subtle ahead spinning feels quite good after that. Down and up, up and down….. It feels so good to feel those subtle bodies wake up through the movement.
Using the vowel sounds through vocal toning is also very effective, to activate and indicate the energy centers. Variation exists in teachers’s recommendations, but generally the Root chakra resonates with the note “C” and the vowel sound of “Oooooo.” The Sacral chakra resonates with “G” and the sound “Oh.” The Solar Plexus resonates with “C” and “O, as in Ostrich” The Heart goes with the “E” note and the sound “Ah.” Throat resonates with “G” and “Ay.” The brow center resonates to B flat, and the vowel “Eeeeee,” and finally the crown center resonates with “C” and the vowel “U,” pronounced with the mouth position for “Ooooo,” but the sound of “Eeee.”
Sitting upright, or lying down, you can also scan your attention over each energy center. Stay there long enough to feel a sensation, and if you are visually inclined, perhaps also sense a color. Being connected to the central column that runs down your body is very empowering and a wonderful daily practice. I hope you have fun with it and enjoy the results.
Much Love.