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I released my gluten allergy through mindfulness meditation.

“Gluten free” is the new mark to look our for in grocery shopping. Some people argue that the quality of wheat has been compromised due to years and years of fertilizers and chemicals drained into the land on which our grains grow. Some people blame the over-processing of the grains to result in high levels of sugar, and for others still gluten sensitivity my be due to overconsumption. Gluten allergy is al around us and many people are suffering consequences of gas, indigestion, heaviness, skin rashes and other types of reaction from eating their favorite lunch sandwich.

For me it was something similar, together with endless sinus infections which started as a child. I could not believe the change in me after I stopped eating bread for a short while. Those who have tried cutting out gluten before, may have noticed what a challenge it is when gluten rich foods such as bread, pastas, and cakes are around is in so much plentitude.
Ten+ years ago I went on my first intensive meditation retreat, I learnt how to negotiate with my mind on a subtle level, resulting in what looked like having more willpower, discipline, and control. In actual fact, it was my whole being effortlessly supporting my deeper desires and needs, rather than my ego senses fighting against them through the desperation for immediate gratification.
It became so much easier to choose different foods to the starchy glutens. However, I often did find myself in company where gluten rich food was served, and much preferred to be grateful for what was served, than to make a scene about my gluten intolerance. To my surprise I noticed that I felt perfectly well after eating all kinds of gluten reach foods. What had changed?
Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, my body responses became sharper. I became satisfied with just enough, rather then just more than enough. Naturally being more relaxed while eating, I found that I chewed my food much better than before. What joy it became to enjoy food in the company of others without dealing with the bloating, lethargy and skin rash that usually accompanied social dinners, where gluten is often still the staple served.
I now know that going overboard is sure to initiate an unwanted reaction, but through the practice of mindfulness meditation, my body effortlessly guides me to eating just the right amounts. Taking care of my body, without being the odd one out, has become possible through daily practice of meditation. If you are struggling with gluten sensitivity, I highly recommend a practice of mindfulness meditation, tuning in to your body daily and loving yourself like never before.