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New Perspective

Cycles of growth exists through phases, no doubt. At times we are happy, at times we are sad, at times we are confident, at times we are hesitant. Just like the changing seasons, each cycle brings newness, something fresh, something we may not have noticed before. A feeling of freshness and renewed sense glimpses to what the newness may bring.
When it feels like we take one step forward and two steps back, it is nice to know that us too are part of a bigger cycle. We too are part of nature, and influenced by what is around us, and this is necessary.
Does the introspection of winter ever feel sad or depressed, maybe disappointed to be back at winter, I mean it was there just a year ago, right?
During every phase there is something to grasp, something you did not quite understand that way before. Each cycle brings with it wisdom, in dimensions greater than the obvious. So why not explore the depth of where you are at right now – without even a trace of judgment. We are so stuck on the idea of linear advancement. Having to build steadily on what we have, our skills, our income, our possessions, our education, our happiness, our understanding, our relationships….., we become frightened when we experience loss. We become frightened when no longer we are upgrading our phones, our homes, our income.
I’d like this masculine linear expectation to make way for a feminine quality of expansiveness. What if advancement happens in different dimensions, meaning each step no longer equals one lesson, but multitudes? Therefor taking two steps back actually means advancing to the next lesson of that level.
Today I would like to look at everything with fresh eyes. I’d like to discover what I have in this feeling in this situation, in this relationship, in this moment. What if everything, even the slightest detail is perfect exactly as it is? Happy journey.