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Presence, presence, presence

I often get asked where I get my unique touch from, while doing bodywork. Am I praying while I work? Do I do Reiki? Is it some technique I learnt? The answer is really, really simple. I am simply being present. Being present in any kind of interaction, bring an element of magic to the interchange. Presence is the most valuable skill you can contribute to the healing, and happiness of another, and yourself. It is the most valuable skill you can bring to any interaction.
Presence has to be cultivated, practiced and be made part of a lifestyle. You cannot maintain presence through the blessing of a spiritual teacher. You cannot maintain presence through some breakthrough of the past. No plant, no teaching, no promise, or no journey has the power to keep you present in the now. You cannot maintain presence from reading books, or any other form of intellectual information. Attending satsang, this workshop, or that workshop will not qualify you as being present. Being present is a practice. In order to be present during your daily activities, you have to sit still in the morning, observe, and become present through sensitivity. You have to extend you presence, and train your mind to become present periodically during the the day.
It is said that the mind needs to be reprogrammed every twelve hours. So, therefor you can also do presence practice before going to sleep, in order maintain a level of presence in your life and even some level of presence during your resting time at night. When you become present, you discover life. What a gift.