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Sing Sing Sing!

Your voice is one of the most revealing reflections of what’s going on inside yourself emotionally. Your voice can reveal which frequency ranges you are blocking off, as well as which frequency ranges you are currently experiencing.
So whether you are feeling happy, sad or not sure at all what it is you are feeling, open your mouth and listen to what your voice sounds like. Sound is like is bridge between matter and thought. The frequency ranges of sound is more dense than color, and more dense than thought, yet less dense than matter. Therefor, singing, or simple chanting is amazingly effective at slowing your thoughts down, yet raising awareness of your physical vibration. Singing can magnify emotional intensity, or even evoke an emotion that you would like to invite to your current feeling experience.
During the Apartheid years in South Africa, song was used by the unarmed masses against the armed opposition. Not only was it majorly effective in scaring the opposition, it created a bond amongst the people who were partaking in the songs.
Through singing you have a great opportunity to express yourself, and creating intention for manifestation. Have you ever looked at pictures of the vocal chords? Yes, it looks remarkably similar to the yoni. What comes through the voice is the birthing of the higher expressions of oneself, and the collective – that which comes through the intellect. Enjoy the rawness and the beauty of your own voice, and bathe in the freedom of the experience.:-)