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Stuck in an Emotional Loop.

So you find yourself in a position of emotional defeat. Your partner has left you, you’ve loss a dear one, or perhaps even worse. You cannot seem to come out of the thoughts, the memories, the injustice of life, and the pain! “Why, why, why” keeps mulling on in your head, and you can’t get out of it.
Remember, your loss is never just yours. Your pain is never only yours. You may be feeling like you’re the only one going through this intensity of misery, or even worse, seeing someone else’s misery just increases the load for you. Stop. If this is where you are going, it is time to look outside. Other people too have invested, others too have experienced loss through the very same event you have. What makes you think you are the special one to carry the whole load?
Through acknowledging the pain and suffering of others, automatically your own pain is put on hold. In that moment of release and realization, you are no-longer stuck in the mind. This is a jewel. Use it to notice that life is about more than the repetitive thought pattern you have been on loop with.
Seeking relief through the company of another can be effective because others too have experienced suffering, and through their own experiences are empowered to assist in the relief of yours.
Yet, taking responsibility for yourself is the only way to feel better. When your whole inner world seems to fall apart, this is no easy task, but you must muster the courage to take the first step, even for a moment. Even though courageous, this does not have to be a big step. Simply pray for the inspiration to want to let go of the perpetual story, and feel better – even for a second. Sooner or later a spark of inspiration will hit you.
If too much time have gone by and still no inspiration, you have probably missed it, try again. Once you feel even the slightest inspiration that you yourself want to let go and feel better, even for a second, act on it by setting the intention to let go. Sooner or later, you will realize a moment where you weren’t thinking about your story, in fact you were feeling good, “normal” even just for a moment. Good, now you have the confidence to know that within you the possibility to experience a different reality exists! This is enormous!
Now, when you show up for a massage, a therapy session, a music concert, a nice meal, ect. you no longer expect the other to make you feel better. You have the power to use the therapeutic benefits of the occasion to feel better, more and more and more. You have the self-responsibility to let go, and enjoy the delicacy of flavor, the touch on your skin, the vibrato of the note, the compassion of your companion. You are empowering yourself, you are healing, and you are stepping away form the experience as a wiser, more compassionate, emotionally resilient, more integrated, and more beautiful version of yourself. Congratulations on the upgrade!
All my love <3