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What Are We supposed To Learn From Full Moon Astrology?

I do like astrology and admittedly I use it quite regularly, albeit mostly for entertainment and validation. Important decisions in my life I make from my feelings, my felt sense and intuition. One observation I have made about astrology though, is the finality it is delivered by.
From reading several monthly full moon reports, written by different astrologers, it seems that one does not need to know much about the topic to predict what the next one will say: “Out with the old, in with the new.” It seems that at every full moon we are suggested to “finally” let go of those relationships that no-longer serves us. It is suggested that we finally let go of those ideas, thoughts, beliefs, habits, and people toxic to our existence.
In a recent reading, it was suggested that this is the month I decide what my life purpose is, and just a few days later I would know for sure if I’m meant to be in the relationship I am getting aquatinted with.
These are life questions we all think about, a lot.  These are themes which come and go, and gets evaluated through our own precious experiences, our life lessons of based on agreeable and non-agreeable feelings. It takes time to build relationships, to move through the ups and downs and sometimes months and years altogether, before knowing that it is time to move on.
A great deal of our beliefs stem from childhood. We’ve been carrying them with us for most of our lives, and most likely even longer. Most habits, ideas and people in our lives are there based around our beliefs. The idea to just let go of them from one month to the next seems slightly uninformed.
The concept of astrology is based on the principles of the continual moving of planets, and celestial bodies,  each with their own characteristics and relative positional influences. The fact that this study has been going on for more or less as far back as humans can remember, should most likely be a reminder of both the impermanence and continuation of existence.
So, if you didn’t meet your soul mate this month, even though the planetary alignment was perfect for it, if you did not find your soul purpose and  life calling, and if you did not leave the job, relationship, habits or beliefs you’ve been trying to get out of, don’t fret. When cycles come to natural point of maturity, as all things in nature do, then it will shift into that conclusion and transformation you have been waiting for.