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Are all the answers really within?

Have you heard this phrase: “All the answers are within?”
I have to say, in one way I get it, but when I look at it another way I want to argue that no man is an island and aren’t we supposed to collectively partake in this thing called life? If it is as simple as having all the answers are within, then how is it, that helping professions are so widely needed?
The resistance to this statement reminded me of the times I made some really determined changes in my life. In fact by looking within, and within only, the toxic relationship I was in transformed into a agreeable healthy relationship. People asked me how I did it, and I had to answer that I simply looked at my own projections by visiting my childhood and discovering the needs I had that was not met. By meeting those needs inside, the need to get it form my partner lessened considerably. As human beings we are evolving and we grow through challenges.
So my challenge was this: “How long will I have to focus on, do my manifestations, and lessen my needs before I will actually attract that partner that can facilitate hearing me, listening to me and understanding me?” Then it came! No, not the partner, the insight that what I had to do was to let myself be heard, let myself be listened to and let myself be understood.
As I’m writing this the image of a big,  loud boarding school matron appears in my mind’s eye, perhaps someone like in the musical, Oliver Twist. “Never before has a boy wanted more,” a quote referring to his act of courage to ask for more food upon acknowledging the need of his hungry belly. What are your unconscious beliefs about letting yourself be heard?
Yes it is really all an inside job. All the answers are really within. When you let yourself be quiet and give yourself permission and set the strong intention to let yourself be heard, to let your needs matter and to give yourself the tenderness you long for, what are the results?