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Have you ever decided to just forgive?

Have you ever decided to just forgive everyone you know of?
That person who didn’t meet your expectation, the person who failed to understand you, the person who refuses to meet your requests or needs, that person who is self-centered beyond your comprehension, that person who causes jealousy within you, or triggers you, that person who is mean, ungraceful, distant, greedy, ignorant, unyielding, controlling, absent, or who you simply do not like.
Have you ever thought of simply forgiving all of these people?
People near and far, close to you in sentiment, or celebrities and public figures you have never met, people who have passed away or who never got to be born – what would it be like to take the time and send a moment of forgiveness to all of these people, forgiveness for the way they made you feel and then forgiveness to yourself for allowing yourself have been affected undesirably.
If ever you have done this practice, you would have noticed how light you felt afterwards, how empowered and free of fear. You would have felt a certain calmness. You would have observed that you are not left with a passive feeling, the one that allows people to walk all over you, instead you are left charged up and ready to take on the world. In forgiveness, there is no hint of defeat, only the courageous sensibility of a warrior of peace.
There is a Buddhist meditation practice called Metta Bhavana, which means to cultivate kindness. No meditation is complete without adding this little step to the practice, and standing boldly in forgiveness is no different that cultivating loving kindness.
What is keeping you form feeling at ease right now? Why not take this moment for the practice of forgiveness and let us know how it went. Soon this may become a regular habit and fill you with emotional freedom always. I wish you peace and happiness.