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How to Chakra Trance Dance.

“You dance, dance, dance. Then n/um lifts you up in your belly and lifts you in your back, and then you start to shiver. [N/um] makes you tremble, it’s hot. . . . Your eyes are open but you don’t look around; you hold your eyes still and look straight ahead. But when you get into !kia, you’re looking around because you see everything, because you see what’s troubling everybody . . . n/um enters every part of your body right to the tip of your feet and even your hair.” Richard Katz, Boiling Energy  http://kiahealing.com/kia-healing/
The purpose of dance to me is the same as sitting silently in meditation, only the form differ slightly. Being aware of my body, enough to notice areas of energetic obstruction and mindfully accessing creative ways to allow for energy flow, is what I am talking about. However this explanation may sound way more complicated than it actually is.
Dancing is such a natural way for us to notice where in our bodies we move freely, and where we don’t. Pain, of course is a great indicator, yet following a simple guided process can help us eliminate pain and come to a full body awakening experience.
I always admire the isolation techniques of accomplished bellydancers and wonder if they enter this trance state easily. However, since even the Bushmen refer to the state of trance tremor through dance, I know that one doesn’t have to be an accomplished or experienced dancer to achieve this !kia and the liberating effects are the same for everyone.
When practicing this form of dance, there are a few guidelines that I personally keep by.

  1. Move from within, never as mere reaction to the music, or outside influence.
  2. Move your awareness systematically up an down your body. If you start skipping areas and jump your awareness around it, as tempting as it may sometimes be, the flow will be interrupted resulting in only partial bodily tremor.
  3. Start Slowly.
  4. Let your body guide you as to how and where to release.
  5. Stay with the breath! Let your breath be calm and synchronized with your body movement. If this seem to be a challenging task for you, try some qigong or tai chi exercises first. My favorites are the 8 brocades (qigong) and repulse monkey (tai chi) movements.
  6. It’s usually easier to start with closed eyes.
  7. For most part, keep your tailbone tucked in.

Using one’s hands to accentuate and direct the area of awakening can be very powerful. Notice which mudras naturally express through your fingers!
The root chakra corresponds with the legs, knees, and feet. Feeling grounded, rooted and firmly connected to the earth. I experiment with moving my feet around, and at other times keeping them in place.
The sacral chakra corresponds to the hips. Finding creative ways to mobilize the hips can be fun before moving up towards the solar plexus, which is possibly to most challenging body part to express. I love playing with my belly’s in and out range as well as side stretching and strong core movements, such as playing with an imaginary hoola hoop.
The heart area is where it starts get really fun. Some African dance forms have very specific back and forth shifts of the upper chest. These are quite technical and very impressive to master, however any movement of the upper chest will reveal its restrictions. What is nice about the upper chest is that the arms are an extension of it and spreading open your arms in any direction with have an opening effect on the upper body.
The throat chakra naturally responds to neck movements and so does the third eye and crown center. Once you reach here you would already feel a pleasant flow of vibration through the whole body. You may chose to express yourself freely now through your own dance for the remainder of your session, however in order to reach a state of trance it is necessary to repeat this process until for short periods of time, the dance becomes a tremor.
Allow the visions to be there, allow the tremor to move up, yet stay with the subtlety of it. Again start the process from bottom to top and after some minutes of tremoring open your eyes to enjoy the love you feel for all, the indescribable clarity, the presence, the greatness, freedom and share with the world your joy.
May we all grow in peace, may we grow in appreciation of one another, may we grow in our understanding of oneness and heal our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our children and ancestors through healing ourselves.
Much love.